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Automatic Contract Renewal and Other Problems with

Integrated Alarm Systems Group (IASGE)



I am very interested in anyone having any contract or other problems with alarm monitoring with Integrated Alarm Systems Group (IASGE) or their associated companies, whether with the evergreen clause (automatic contract renewal) or any other problems or issues.


In our case, some of the aliases of companies performing alarm monitoring used by Integrated Alarm Systems Group (IASGE) are:

King Central

AKA Central Station

AKA King Capital Financial Services

AKA Integrated Alarm Systems, Inc. (IASI)

AKA Morlyn Financial Group

AKA Palisades Partners

AKA Monitoring Services

AKA Integrated Alarm Systems Group (IASGE)



More of the aliases of companies who monitor alarm systems related to Integrated Alarm Systems Group (IASGE) according to my research are listed below. 


Please keep in mind that there may be some honest and reputable alarm monitoring companies unrelated to Integrated Alarm Systems Group (IASGE) who use the same or a similar name as the aliases below, and this is certainly not meant to associate or disparage those companies who are not related to Integrated Alarm Systems Group (IASGE).  If this is the case with your company, please let me know so that I can correct the problem immediately.


If you feel that you are a victim of any unfair, deceptive, or unlawful practices, or have had any problems with Integrated Alarm Systems Group (IASGE) or their associated alarm monitoring service companies, or feel that you have not been treated fairly, or have problems that you have been unable to resolve, I very much would like to know about it.  Please respond to this email address as soon as possible.


Specifically, if you have had any of the problems noted below related to Integrated Alarm Systems Group (IASGE) or its aliases, please respond to this email address:


         Have had your contract being automatically renewed unlawfully or have other problems related to automatic contract renewal


         Have not been able to obtain the services in contract


         Have been concerned about the repeated assignment of your alarm monitoring contract to numerous companies without your knowledge or approval


         Have been deceived by a false claim of association or membership with the Better Business Bureau or other organizations with a code of ethics


         Have had demands made for payment of money not owed


         Have been threatened, intimidated or otherwise disparaged over contract or payment issues


         Have had your account been turned over to a collection agency due to false claim of money owed


         Have been the victim of any unlawful activity or demands


         Have had any problem which you have been unable to resolve despite your best efforts


In particular, if you feel that you are the target of any of these activities because you are elderly or you know of an elderly person who has been who has been victimized, please respond or have someone respond for you to this email address.  This is very important!


It is my mission to stop the reported offenses of Integrated Alarm Systems Group (IASGE)which reach from coast to coast for all persons, particularly the elderly.  I am aware of many individuals who have tried to on their own and been unsuccessful, but there is power in numbers.


Thank you!



List of companies associated with Integrated Alarm Systems Group (IASGE):


Alliant Protection Services

Associates International Inc.

Central Station

Criticom International

Diverse Monitoring Systems

Emergency Response Network

Firstline Security Inc.

I A S G 


International Alarm Services Group

KC Acquisition and

King Capital Financial Services

King Central

Ladel Security

M&S Partners

Monital Signal Corporation

Monitoring Services

Morlyn Financial Group

National Alarm Computer Center Inc. 

Palisades Partners 

Protection Service Industries

RTC Alarm Monitoring Services

Safety Tech Security

Sentry Detection

Spectrum Security