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Contract Issues:


Credit or Billing Issues


Refund Issues


Customer Service Issues


Service Issues


Sales Issues:






Alliant Protection Services  
Associates International Inc  
Central Station  
Criticom International  
Diverse Monitoring Systems  
Emergency Response Network  
Firstline Security Inc.  
I A S G  
I A S I  
Integrated Alarm Services Group  
Integrated Alarm Services Inc.  
International Alarm Services Group  
KC Acquisition  
King Capital Financial Services  
King Central  
Ladel Security  
M&S Partners  
Monital Signal Corporation  
Monitoring Services  
Morlyn Financial Group  
National Alarm Computer Center Inc.  
Palisades Partners  
Protection Service Industries  
RTC Alarm Monitoring Services  
Safety Tech Security  
Sentry Detection  
Any other companies?
Please list here:

Have you contacted you State Attorney General's office?

Have you contacted a lawyer?

Have you contacted the Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York?

Did any of the above install an alarm system for you?

If so, how long ago?

How many years have you been associated with any of these companies to the nearest year?

Have you contacted the State Attorney of New York? (Note: This company is headquartered in Albany, New York.)